Are there radical rightists in the Petersburg Police?

On July 24, 2008, following the communication about the arrest of Aleksey Bychin accused of stabbing a policeman, it became known that radical rightists obtained access to information about detained antifascists. According to the data from radical right sites, the information came from the police itself.

In March 2008, during an unsanctioned march in the memory of Aleksey Krylov - an antifascist murdered in Moscow, a few dozen St. Petersburg antifascists were detained and taken to the police department number 76. After this, the following communication appeared on neo-Nazi Internet forums: :Ridiculous action. And useful :). In the morning already we obtained all the data on those detained from the police station :). By the way, free of charge, since half the cops proved to be right-wing :).;

Soon, the apartment doors of many of the ones who had been taken to the 76 police department were marked with swastikas. A swastika appeared also on the door of a correspondent of the :Novaya Gazeta;, who had witnessed the events and had written a complaint (mentioning his home address) against the officers of that police department.

After the arrest of Aleksey Bychin this July, the home address of the woman who raised the money to pay for his legal aid appeared on radical right websites.