Antifascist attacks Nazi-Skinhead who turns out to be off-Duty Policeman

A young antifascist was put into custody in the Krestiy Prison by the Kuybyshev district law court in St. Petersburg. He is charged with the stabbing of an off-duty policeman and his friend, whom he had believed to be Nazi-skinheads, on June 13.

On the night of June 13, 2008, at approximately 1 a.m., 17-year old antifascist Aleksey Bychin was walking together with his politically like-minded fellows along the Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg. Also in the area, two men who to Aleksey seemed to be Nazi-skinheads, were enjoying their nightly walk. They were reported to have been imitating the Nazi salute and shouting fascist slogans. The young antifascist briefly left the group he had been walking with and approached the two men, asking the policeman :Are you a skinhead?;. According to the defense, the victim broke a beer bottle and turned it into a weapon with which he attacked the young antifascist. It was only then, in this version of the events, that Aleksey stabbed him.

Another version of the events (that of the prosecutors), maintains that the two men limited their response to Aleksey's question to words. Thus, when the policeman responded spiritedly :If I were, what would it matter to you?;, Aleksey pulled out a knife and stabbed him. The victim's friend, who tried to help him, was also attacked.

It took over month for the law enforcement agencies to find the suspect and arrest him on July 16. Then, the police detained a group of antifascists and obliged them to call Aleksey and arrange a meeting in the city center. The Kuybyshev district law court sentenced Aleksey to ten days of detention, but the term can be prolonged according to the defense.

The members of the St. Petersburg antifascist movement stand behind Aleksey and are convinced that his actions were in self-defense. They note that they support all forms of fighting neo-Nazism, including physical violence.