Настоящий материал (информация) произведен и (или) распространен иностранным агентом РОО Центр «Сова» либо касается деятельности иностранного агента РОО Центр «Сова».


New Restrictions in the Russian Religious Law: What Should Believers Expect?
This article by Olga Sibireva was published in Talk About: Law and Religion. Blog of the International Center for Law and Religion Studies.
Russian human rights organizations filed a report with the UN Human Rights Committee
Twelve Russian NGOs, including SOVA Center, submitted a brief joint report to the UN Human Rights Committee for preliminary hearings at the upcoming session of the Committee on Russia’s next report on compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. SOVA Center has authored a section on abuses of anti-extremist policies.
Freedom of Conscience in Russia: Restrictions and Challenges in 2019
This is the latest annual report by the SOVA Center for Information and Analysis on freedom of conscience in the Russian Federation.