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Inappropriate Enforcement of Anti-Extremist Legislation in Russia in a First Half of 2010
Alexander Verkhovsky, editor

This is the first report by the SOVA center on this subject that does not cover the entire year. The subject of “inappropriate anti-extremism” was previously a part of our quarterly reports. However, in 2010 the report structure has changed: we have published a half-year report on radical nationalism and related issues, while devoting the present report specifically to issues related to the excessive use of anti-extremist measures. Therefore, here we review events and trends dating from January through June of 2010. The events of July through early September are referenced as necessary to reflect the development of the observed trends.

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Alexander Verkhovsky, Olga Sibireva. Restrictions and Challenges Related to Freedom of Conscience in Russia in 2009
The SOVA Center for Information and Analysis presents its fourth annual report on the freedom of conscience in the Russian Federation. The goal of this report is to identify major trends and problems in this sphere, thus only the most significant and typical incidents are mentioned in this analysis.