Commentary on the Growing Number of Convictions under Articles on Incitement to Terrorism and Extremism by SOVA Center
Prosecutorial bias and opacity are the main shortcomings of the legal process under Articles 280 and 205.2 of the Criminal Code.
The Russian far right and the second Ukrainian campaign
Russian nationalist organizations generally supported the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Some, though not many, joined the military campaign, while others took part in passionate discussions, often critical of the government’s actions. By the end of spring, Vera Alperovich writes, far-right organizations began to lose interest.
Protecting Oneself: The State against the Incitement of Hatred and the Political Participation of Nationalists in Russia in 2021
This report by Natalia Yudina is an analytic review of the state's efforts to counter incitement of hatred and political activities of Russian nationalists. It presents the results of SOVA Center's monitoring carried out 2021.
The State Has Taken up Racist Violence Again: Hate Crimes and Counteraction to Them in Russia in 2021
This is an analytic review focused on the phenomenon, known as hate crimes – that is, on ordinary criminal offenses committed on the grounds of ethnic, religious or other similar enmity or prejudice.