Blood&Honour Organization Recognized as Extremist

On May 29, 2012, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation approved a claim by the General Prosecutor's Office on the recognition of the extremist international neo-Nazi alliance Blood&Honour and the prohibition of its activities on Russian territory.

As written on the prosecutor's website, “The group has an ideology of hatred and enmity on the basis of race, nationality, background, religion, and affiliation with social groups related to government service, representatives of the Jewish nationality and Caucasian, Trans-Caucasian, Middle Eastern and Asian nationalities, the Mongoloid and Negroid races, which also includes a desire to commit violence – murder and harming the health of those people, and causing the destruction of their property. Moreover, the organizers and members of the alliance pursue a goal of violently changing the constitutional framework of the Russian Federation.” A number of active participants in the alliance in Russia are held to be responsible for committing crimes of varying gravity – including extremist crimes and terrorist acts.

Blood&Honour (the name originates from the Hitler Youth slogan, “Blut und Ehre” (“Blood and honor”)) was founded in 1987. It has existed in Moscow since autumn 1995 (on the “Russian Division,” websites of Blood&Honour, Combat 18 Russia and Combat 18, Adolf Hitler's battle group). Also recall that in April 2012, the Soviet District Court in Lipetsk found Blood&Honour's website to be extremist.