A Neo-Nazi Group Convicted in Moscow

On December 15, 2008, Moscow city court convicted a group of neo-Nazis (so called :Ryno gang;) of a series of attacks on representatives of ethnic minorities. In all, they were charged for 20 murders and 12 attempted murders.

The organizers of the group, Arthur Ryno and Pavel Skachevsky, were sentenced to 10 years, a maximum term of imprisonment (both of them had been minors at the time of committing the crimes).

The other members of the group got the following sentences: Roman Kuzin was sentenced to 20 years, Vitaly Nikitin - to 12 years, Ivan Kitajkin and Alexander Anikin - to 9 years, Denis Lavrinenkov - to 6 years. Svetlana Avakumova and Nikolay Dagaev were acquitted.

Two civil suits were maintained by the court, so Ryno and Skachevsky will have to pay 4 million Rubles (more than Euro 100 thousand) to the victims.