Nationalists to Organize International Conference in Moscow

The Movement Against Illegal Immigration (DPNI) has agreed to collaborate with the German National Democratic Party (NDP) and stated its intention to organize an international conference of nationalistic organizations in Moscow this winter. :We see the NDP as our most reliable ally in Germany. The vision of a future international coalition is clear in my mind;, said the leader of the DPNI, Alexander Belov. The declaration was made one day after the DPNI "Unifying' Congress on September 13 organized by one of the organization's factions, to which the Belov group was not invited. One of the main reasons, in fact, for the seemingly irreconcilable conflict in the organization is indeed Belov's declared ideology of a European-style nationalism.

:Our collaboration with the NDP will not limit itself to information forums, but will include also cultural and economic interactions;, Belov said. To the Moscow international conference projected for this winter, representatives of nationalistic organizations from Great Britain, Sweden, and other European countries already agreed to participate. :We plan to host representatives of 50 European states;, noted the DPNI leader.

According to reports from Interfaks, the leader of the international relations division of the NDP stated that :the nationalists from Germany and Russia must by all means develop the existing potential of cooperation;.