Severe Attack on Tajikistani Guest Workers in Moscow

On July 28, 2008, not far from the Ridzhkaya Railway Station, unidentified people attacked several guest workers from Tajikistan and threw incendiary bottles into their dwellings. Some of the workers were taken to the hospital for resuscitation with severe injuries.

According to the media, at about 4 a.m. five young people with masks threw Molotov cocktails at the houses of the workers, causing explosions and fires. The Tajikistani workers jumped out into the street, where the attackers began to beat and stab them. The slaughter continued for about 7 minutes. :That evening, we were only ten people left in the house. We were already asleep, when people with masks suddenly came and beat us up;, reported one of the victims. When the noise caught the attention of the passers-by, the attackers disappeared from the scene of the crime. The witnesses called the police and the ambulance.

The attackers severely wounded 31-year old Oyshu Tairov, 42-year old Oktam Khuramov, 35-year old Salakhutdin Tairov, 26-year old Saymakhmud Mizamov, and 21-year old Rustam Soedagfarov, which were taken to be resuscitated in the hospital in very bad condition. :Unfortunately, we are not at all confident that we will be able to save them;, commented the on-duty doctor of the resuscitation room at the Sklifosovsk Institute.

Sources from the police reported that Nazi symbols were found on the incendiary bottles. One of the injured workers declared to the police that he heard the words "black people' in the conversation of the attackers. It is assumed that the attack was conducted by Nazi-skinheads, and the police emphasized that :it is possible that this attack was made by an organized group;.

At the time of the attack, the Moscow city court gave its verdict for a series of nationalistic attacks and murders committed by a group of Nazi-skinheads. There is a known tendency that during such judicial procedures, Nazi groups time their attacks to match court dates.