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Galina Kozhevnikova Dies
Today, on March 5, 2011, our colleague and dear friend Galina Kozhevnikova passed away in Moscow at the age of 36. Galina was a founder and director of the SOVA Center.

Galya was a daring and passionate person. Trained as an archive researcher, she went on to make her mark as expert in the field of nationalism and xenophobia in Russia.

Galya suffered a hard disease but went on with her work to the last.

We will soon publish Galya’s last review on xenophobia and racism in Russia in 2010.

The SOVA Center

January 2011 – The Month in Review
Our monthly review addresses xenophobia, radical nationalism, and the state’s reactions for the month of January 2011. The contents of the report are excerpted from the results of SOVA Center’s daily monitoring activities.
December 2010: The Year in Review

Preliminary data for the year 2010 show that in 44 regions of Russia, racially motivated attacks resulted in the deaths of 37 people, with no fewer than 368 injured. In December alone, racist and neo-Nazi violence resulted in the deaths of two people, and the injury of another 68. Compare to December 2009, when three were killed and 22 wounded.