Настоящий материал (информация) произведен и (или) распространен иностранным агентом РОО Центр «Сова» либо касается деятельности иностранного агента РОО Центр «Сова».


Local Jehovah’s Witnesses Head Acquitted by Gorno-Altaisk Court
On April 14, 2011, the Gorno-Altaisk City Court acquitted Aleksandr Kalistratov of charges under Part 1 of Article 282 of the Criminal Code, incitement to religious hatred. He was fully absolved of any wrongdoing.
Misuse of Anti-Extremism Legislation in March 2011
In March 2011, all the same trends continued in the misuse and abuse of anti-extremist legislation, with at least two improper criminal, and one administrative, convictions. There were also wrongful decisions to ban a book and several films.