The Amount of Extremist Materials Has Decreased
In the end of November 2009, the Russian Ministry of Justice has revised the Federal List of Extremist Materials. As a result, one of the items was removed from the list for the first time in more than two years of the list's history. Item 413, a leaflet against Krishnaists that was spread in Khabarovsk by the members of the pro-Kremlin Young Guard of United Russia (YGUR) party, is no longer extremist.
A New Book of the SOVA Center
In July, 2009, the SOVA Center for Information and Analysis issued a new book in English under the title Xenophobia, Freedom of Conscience and Anti-Extremism in Russia in 2008: A collection of annual reports by the SOVA Center for Information and Analysis; [Verkhovsky Alexander, Kozhevnikova Galina, Sibireva Olga; translation - I. Savelieva, S. Rock] - М.: SOVA Center, 2009. - 140 pp.: tables (Academic publication).
Russia Accepted Part of the UN Recommendations on Counteraction to Xenophobia and Extremism
On June 10, 2009, Russian Federation, at the 11th session of the UN Human Rights Council, finished its report on Universal Periodic Review. We publish a table with the UN recommendations and Russian responses concerning issues of racism, xenophobia and extremism.