Database: Vandalism

We give you the opportunity to get statistics of our website. The data on vandalism systematically introduced in early 2010 and available on a month that ended 3 months prior to the date of request. You can specify the selection criteria for events using a form of "Filter". Moreover, you can choose the value or not to choose (if left blank).

You must choose "minimal" or "maximum" number of affected objects will be shown in the table. These amounts in a particular episode may be differences, if the number is not known exactly.

Filter: Table: Hint:
Object Type :
The object type of vandalism (religious and other types of objects, the term "ideology" refers to monuments and other symbolic structures are not religious).
You should specify which fields are used to for rows and columns.

Number of victims:
minimum score
maximum score
The results can be displayed as a diagram or a map. Each cell is clickable and will load corresponding website articles that are linked to the cell.

To switch between Year/Month and date interval click the calendar icon.

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