The regional public organization entitled SOVA Center for Information and Analysis (ROO Tsentr “Sova”) was a Moscow-based Russian nonprofit organization that was founded in October 2002 by a group of people working for the Panorama Center for Information and Research and the Moscow Helsinki Group.

Alexander Verkhovsky had been the director of the organization since its inception.

ROO Tsentr “Sova” conducted information and research work on such topics as nationalism and xenophobia, relations between religion and the secular society, implementation and misuse of anti-extremist legislation and policies.

In late 2016 the Ministry of Justice included ROO Center “Sova” in the "foreign agents" registry. In 2023, the Ministry of Justice filed a lawsuit to liquidate the organization and won finally on August 17, 2023, whereupon the organization ceased its activities.

The work of ROO Tsentr “Sova” had received support from: