July 2008. Monthly Summary

No less than 11 racially-motivated attacks were registered in the month of July 2008 in Russia, resulting in at least one dead and 15 injured. All these attacks occurred in the Moscow and St. Petersburg regions, which, as before, remain the main centers of violence.

In all, since the beginning of the year 276 people suffered as a result of racist and neo-Nazi attacks in 26 regions of Russia, out of whom 60 perished.

As was the case before, the main risk group are people from Central Asia (34 murdered, 76 injured).

Thus far, we are unaware of verdicts given in July for violent crimes in which the racist motivation is acknowledged. Since the beginning of this year, in 12 regions of Russia, 14 such verdicts were issued against 44 people.

Of great resonance was the beginning of the trial of two groups of Nazi-skinheads, suspected of between a dozen and several dozen violent crimes. The trials began on July 21 for the "Kalinichenko Group' and on July 24 for the "Ryno Gang'. The trials will be closed to the public since the majority of the accused either are minors or were minors at the time when the crimes were committed.

Also this month 4 verdicts were delivered against five people for hatred propaganda (based on Article 282 of the Russian Criminal Code in the Bryansk, Rostov, and Krasnodar regions; and on Article 280 in the Vologodskaya region). Overall, 33 people were convicted for hatred propaganda this year, in 24 trials.

A large number of verdicts acknowledging materials as extremist (part of which we consider incorrect) were given this month. The information about a whole series of such verdicts, delivered earlier, was released in the same period. For instance, as result of the trials started by the St. Petersburg District Attorney's Office, about three dozen materials were deemed extremist.

However, with regards to the Rosregistratsia and the Ministry of Justice, the Federal List of Extremist Materials was not updated and still contains just 151 entries (only as of the beginning of August it came to contain 219 entries).