Hate Crime Misses Target
On the night of July 31, in the Begunitsy village in the Leningrad region, seven Chinese workers were beaten and robbed.
Korean Student Beaten in the Tula Region
On August 20, 2008, Oleg Sym, a Russian national of Korean origin and student of the Tula State University, was beaten.
The Ruling Against Savva Terentyev Confirmed
On August 19, 2008, the Supreme Court of the Komi Republic confirmed the sentence against Savva Terentyev, given on July 7 by the Syktyvkar City Court.
:Bloody KGB; and :People in Gray; - Yet Another "Social Group' feels Threatened by Blogs
On August 11, 2008, a criminal case had its debut, against a blogger who was overly outspoken against militiamen and the officers of the intelligence agencies. In contrast to the famous Savva Terentyev affair, where there was no political implications existed, this time legal action was undertaken against Dmitriy Solovyev, an activist of the "Oborona' ("Defense') movement in the Kemerovskaya Oblast'.
July 2008. Monthly Summary
No less than 11 racially-motivated attacks were registered in the month of July 2008 in Russia, resulting in at least one dead and 15 injured. All these attacks occurred in the Moscow and St. Petersburg regions, which, as before, remain the main centers of violence.