March 2008. An Overview of the Situation

In March 2008, in Russia, there were not less than 31 racially motivated attacks on 40 people, including 10 fatalities. In total, in 2008, not less than 39 people died and 112 were injured in 14 regions of Russia.

Moscow stays the major center of violence with 24 people murdered and not less than 63 injured, including 5 murdered and 20 injured people in March.

Obviously, because of the big number of deadly crimes, the information about minor incidents remains underreported. In particular, in St. Petersburg, the second center of the neo-nazi violence, in 2008, there have been reports about 7 murdered and only 4 injured people. This proportion hardly reflects the real situation in the city.

In March 2008, Russian courts issued not less than 4 guilty verdicts for the violent hate crimes, in Moscow, Ivanovo, Omsk and Yaroslavl. In total in 2008, there were 6 guilty verdicts for racially motivated violence against 11 people.

Two people were convicted for propaganda in March. In Ulan-Ude and in Kursk, the convicted got suspended sentences for distribution of xenophobic leaflets.

In the middle of March, the Federal list of the extremist materials was updated for the 6th time. Now it includes 101 titles of books, pamphlets, films and songs.

Besides, in March, there were not less than 4 court decisions which adjudged a number of documents extremist.